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Cool Creations Specials, Sales and Discounts

Cool Creations Sale

Through out the year Cool Creations offers several specials.

The Cool Creations internet shop, Cool Shop, gives shoppers the benefit of comparing products, seeing the latest designs and product lines and getting the best prices
throughout the year.

These magnificent opportunities enable customers to obtain the coolest products at astonishing reasonable prices!

Who can benefit and may utilize these opportunities? Not only large businesses and store representatives, but also small stores, small businesses and even individuals all benefit
from the Specials.

The following specials are currently applicable:


Bulk Buy Purchases Read more>>

Special Holiday Offers  


Various specials for holidays such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and for the Christmas season. Read more>>
Value Packs  


Sets compiled to save you money! Read more>>
Limited editions  
  Keep an eye on the Bargain Calendar for such offers.
Newly Released Products Special Offers
  Those events occur at least twice a year, usually during January and July.
Specific dates and product information will be on the Bargain Calendar at Cool Creations' own Internet Shop namely, Cool Shop.

Cool Creations try very hard to change prices as little as possible, but modifications are sometimes unavoidable. Prices are thus subject to change. You are welcome to contact Cool Creations to confirm prices, if so desired.

All prices are shown in South African Rand. For conversion to other currencies, see

For more information on the various sale and discount prices, visit Cool Shop for the latest in prices and offers.

Any other questions? Send a Request. We will gladly assist you.


Please NOTE: Prices as shown on
Cool Shop include basic shipping and handling if you are located within the
South African borders

*Read more at Delivery






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Sitemap Werfkaart Home/TuisUp/OpProductsDesignsEventsPricesSpecialsInquiriesContact

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