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Duvets, Sheets and Pillow slips

A set of two pillowcases is essential for every bedroom. Duvet covers are available for single to queen size beds, fitting easily over the inner duvet and resting comfortably over the bed.

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Cool Creations: Blue Pillowcases
Product Code:
L2 Kussingslope
Design Code:
BJ23-Blomme (c)
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Description: Standard pillowcases are essential for every bedroom. Pillowcases by Cool Creations are made of sheet fabric. Dazzling embroidery, pretty ribbon and delicate lace are all part of the pillowcase. The pillow slip has a flip over on the one side to keep the pillow neatly tucked inside the slip. 1 Free embroidery design per item is included.
Design decorative options.
Dimensions: 66 x 42 cm

Code: L2 Kussingslope

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Description: Single, double or queen size duvet covers are all necessary bedding. Cool Creations can supply all your linen needs. Made with plain or colored sheet fabric and embroidered below the middle. It is easy to fit our duvet covers over the inner part, or to remove it from the duvet. The duvet cover closes with two zips at the bottom.

Design decorative options.

Many colours and themes to choose from. Visit Cool Shop for more information on Cool Creations' Duvets.

Code: L3 Duvet

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