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Christmas Stockings

Exclusively designed and created by Cool Creations' sewing studio for memorable Christmas holiday events. Customize the Christmas socks by choosing the designs you love.

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Product Code:
D1 Kerskous
Design Codes: KE5-Kersfees (a)and
KE6-Kersfees (a)

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Description: Christmas Stockings are just another product of Cool Creations' quaint and usable products. It's made of cotton twirl or denim fabric and embroidered with colorful Christmas pictures, such as a jolly old Santa face, candy, candles or something similar and well suited for the Christmas season. You can choose from a wide range of pictures from Cool Creations' picture gallery.

Included in the price are 3 colorful designs of you choice and a name may be added if you prefer.

Hang this lovely keepsake on the wall, the mantelpiece or on the Christmas tree and fill it with a small gift and something sweet to eat. The Christmas socks are just the beginning of the festive season!
Design decorative options.
Dimensions: 18 x 23 cm

Code: D1 Kerskous

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Sitemap Werfkaart Home/TuisUp/Op Stockings Gallery

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